Mail Inserters
Mail inserters can be an important component of a mail system. Mail inserters automatically fold a piece of mail and put it in an envelope. This saves time if you are doing a large mailing.
Postage meters offer a great way for organizations that ship many pieces of mail to mail things faster, more accurately, and more conveniently. There are many different types of postage meters available, inside our guide to postage meters, learn about the major meter types, manufacturers, and understand the main costs of purchasing one.
Digital Scales
Digital scales are used often in warehouses where large volumes of products are shipped in and out. Digital scales are more accurate and can provide the weight of heavier items. This saves money and boosts efficiency.
Small Business Meters
Some small businesses can benefit from using a postage meter. This is true if a business has a lot of mailings. A postage meter can reduce a postage bill up to 20% and can increase accuracy.
Volume Mail
If your company sends out many different pieces of mail, you may want to invest in a volume mail processing system. These systems can print barcodes, fold mail, insert into envelopes, and print quickly.
Company Benefits
The benefits from using a postage meter can include efficiency, productivity, and cost reduction. In fact, postage meters will virtually eliminate a problem called over-stamping (using too much postage).