Mail Inserters

Many companies handle large volumes of mail on a daily basis. In this instance, a mail inserter could benefit. However, for companies that process advertising, mailers, or other huge volumes of mail, a mail inserter saves tremendous money and time. With an inserter, the machine takes a piece of paper, folds it, and then actually inserts it into the envelope for you. When done, the envelopes are then sealed and run through the postage meter.


Just as with postage scales, mail inserters come in different sizes, styles, and with various features. For example, some mail inserters are designed to tri-fold mail while other inserters can be programmed to fold mail in different configurations. Additionally, some of the higher tech mail inserters can accommodate all sizes of paper. Obviously, the choice would depend on the need of your business but in either case, the mail inserter is a wonderful addition to any mailroom.

If you have ever prepared a mailing, you know how time-consuming it is to fold each piece of paper individually and then insert it into the envelope. After a while, you start getting tired, finding that the paper is folded a little bit crooked or without a crisp seam. Since each piece of mail is a reflection on the professionalism of your organization, you want the mail to look like you care. With a mail inserter, the papers are all folded neatly, taking only seconds to complete.


When you start shopping around for a mail inserter, one of the primary considerations has to do with speed. What you want to look for or ask about is the number of mailings the inserter can process hourly. Based on this information, you would be able to determine the model of mail inserter best for you. Now, keep in mind that you will also find mail inserters that can be programmed. Therefore, if you have several mailings that go out on a scheduled basis, these can be programmed in so the machine handles everything for you.


Additionally, you would have a choice of choosing a folder/inserter combination or you could purchase one or both as standalone systems. While speed is a top consideration, you also want to find out about the size of paper that the machine can handle or if it can be programmed for a variety of paper sizes. Then, ask the salesperson about both paper and envelope weight. For instance, some papers are much thicker than others are. Because of this, if the mail inserter is not geared for that weight, it could cause jams. Finally, while you would pay a little more for a programmable digital scale, the benefits are usually worth the investment.