Mail Folders

If you have ever sat down to stuff envelopes then you know what a pain this process is. Even if you have a small volume, folding and folding is something most people dread. Now, when you consider that many companies handle large volumes of mail every day, folding by hand would actually become impossible. For this reason, top manufacturers have designed special machines that do the folding for you.


Keep in mind that while you typically find a mail folder in a larger business, there is no reason it cannot be used for any size business or even personal use. A popular choice for home offices or smaller businesses is a compact mail folder. With this, you have a convenient and easy to use system, capable of processing your mail by folding it with a crisp seam. Once folded, the mail piece can be manually inserted into an envelope or an electronic mail inserter could be used.

The great thing about mail folders is the efficiency, actually increasing levels of productivity. When you comparison shop, you want to ask some specific questions. For instance, make sure you find out about feeding of the documents and if this is done manually or automatically by the machine. Additionally, can the mail folder handle staples? Then, determine the weight and size of the mail pieces the folder can handle, along with speed.


Another option is to go with a larger mail folder. For instance, some units are designed to store up to six folds in memory. That way, you have options on how you want the mail piece to look when it arrives to the customer. Of course, many systems are also made to allow extra and customized folds. Then, you might consider a mail folder that comes with variable speeds. To give you an idea, if you have large volumes of mail, then a folder that can handle up to 8,400 pieces per hour would be an excellent solution.

Very Large

Finally, you could always choose a top-of-the-line mail folder, capable of accommodating more than 22,000 pieces of mail per hour! Within a matter of seconds, your mailings would come out crisply folded and ready for insertion. Best of all, most mail folders are super easy to operate. With control panels that are simplistic but powerful, you can complete even the most difficult folding project with ease. As you can imagine, a mail folder makes your business far more efficient and effective, giving you an advantage over competitors.