Pitney Bowes

We are providing this article so that people can understand a little more about the largest provider of postage meter systems. Known as the largest maker of postal meters and mailing equipment in the world. This company has been so successful that it has reached the $5.5 billion revenue and $526 million profit range. In addition, if you are thinking of looking at postage meters, you should be familiar with Pitney Bowes. This is because the company has a virtual monopoly on postage meter systems that has been granted by the government (and good marketing). The sections below explain the company, its growth, and the products that it sells.

Pitney Bowes Facts

Currently, Pitney Bowes employees approximately 34,000 people around the world while serving more than two million businesses. With a goal of assisting worldwide companies specific to the flow of documents, mail, and packages, businesses also reap the benefits by becoming more productive, thus increasing their bottom line. Although the headquarters for Pitney Bowes in found in Connecticut, this company has strong reaches throughout the world.


Founded by Arthur Pitney in 1902, the company was originally called "Pitney Postal Machine Company". However, in 1920, the company merged its business with Walter Bowes. At that time, the first ever postage meter approved by the United States Postal Department was made public. The result was a solution to make work easier, faster, and more convenient. Today, Pitney Bowes continues to improve upon technology, offering better and better solutions for small to large businesses.


Then in 1922, the installation of 400 postal meters and products throughout the United States meant more than $4 million just in postage purchases. Being so successful, the company started offering economical solutions during the Great Depression. However, by 1943, the company was the recipient of four Army/Nave awards for providing 28 distinct products during World War II. Soon, the company had branched out to 93 offices with almost 3,000 employees. By 1950, Pitney Bowes was being traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

The 1970s and 1980s provided more advancement with the introduction of the electronic Postage by Phone, which was comprised of a full line fax machine/copier/printer. Other office equipment launched included mail sorters, inserters, and sealers, again making work much more productive. During that same time, Pitney Bowes reached the $1 billion mark in revenue due to 800,000 postage meters being in use.

As technology improves across the board, Pitney Bowes is keeping up by coming up with more and more advanced solutions. For this reason, the company remains at the top of the list when people think of office equipment, specific to mailing solutions. You can trust Pitney Bowes while appreciating the outstanding customer support and excellent guarantee on everything manufactured and sold.

More Information

Pitney Bowes: Manufacturer of postage meters and barcode machines. The company is one of the few provider of postage meters for the USPS.