Meter Vendor Guide

If you are looking for a postage meter or metered solution, there are not a lot of actual vendors available to purchase postage meters from. This is because the United States Postal Service only permits postage meters to be sold through authorized providers. They do this so that they can carefully monitor and track postage meters and the people who use them to prevent abuse and for security.

If you open up your phone book or look locally, you may find people that resell solutions for one of the authorized providers. These resellers can provide decent deals from time to time. However, you are more likely to get a better deal by working with one of the authorized providers of postage meters. For this reason, this article will focus on the authorized providers of postage meters from the USPS. You can read about the vendors in the sections below.

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is a very large company and is currently a member of the SP 500. The company's founders invented postage meters, and for a long time were the exclusive provider of machines to the USPS. Today, the company offers a full line of postage meters for small, medium, and large businesses. In addition to postage meters, the company also offers a complementary line of mailing products like folders, inserters, scales, sorters, shredders, and printers. Recently, the company has expanded to develop software and customized marketing and consulting services for companies or organizations with large or complex mailing needs. Clearly, Pitney Bowes is a company to look at when you are considering postage meters.

Pitney Bowes: Company that offers some postage meters and mailing products. Contact Info: 1 Elmcroft Road, Stamford CT 06926-0700 Tel: 800-322-8000


Hasler is an old company that was founded in 1854 in Switzerland. The company originally made something called "Franking Machines," the equivalent of the postage meter in the USA. Today the company has expanded to become a provider of postage meters for the USPS. In addition, the company also offers a line of mailing and shipping products. These include products like sorters, folders, tabbers, printers, and other solutions. The company does offer some services, but does not have the extensive array of up-sell solutions like Pitney Bowes.

Hasler: Company that offers some postage meters and mailing products. Contact Info: 19 Forest Parkway, Shelton CT 06484-6140 Tel: 800-243-6275.


Neopost is an interesting company. The company is part of a larger company called the Neopost Group and is headquartered in France. The company is company has direct operations in 13 countries and has distributors in 90 countries. It is strongest in Europe and is the number one mailing system provider there. It was set up in the 1920's and is second largest provider of mailing systems in the world (the largest is Pitney Bowes). The company's products are divided up into six main areas: mailing, folding / inserting, data management, opening, addressing, tabbing, postal scales, and furniture. Like Pitney, Neopost also offers a lot of consulting, distribution, and marketing services.

Neopost: American subsidiary of large French Mailing company that is second largest in the world. Contact Info: 30955 Huntwood Avenue, Hayward CA 94544-7084 Tel: 800-624-7892.

Data-Pac Mailing Systems

Data-Pac is quite new to the postage meter business. The company was just approved as an authorized provider of USPS postage meter equipment in March of 2008. This was the first such approval in 25 years. The company does not have an extensive line of products like Pitney or Neopost, but instead has decided to focus on a few products. The do have a couple of small postage meters, but one product that they are pushing is a complete digital mailing solution. They boast about the solution;s speed and also have a line of inserters.

Data-Pac: Maker of mailing systems and postage meters that recently became an authorized postage meter provider. Contact Info: Data-Pac Mailing Systems, 1217 Bay Rd, Webster, NY 14580-1958, tel: 800-355-1775.

FP Mailing Systems

FP Mailing Systems started out as a distributor of mailing equipment. The company gradually grew to offer their own line of mailing equipment products. The company is not large, but is growing quite quickly. The main products that FP offers are mailing systems, folder inserters, postage scales, imagers, envelop openers, tabbers / labels, mailroom furniture, and software. The company offers consulting and marketing services through its large network of dealers. This is one thing that FP may do differently than that larger companies is to make greater use of local distributors.

FP Mailing Solutions: Authorized provider of mailing solutions and postage meters. Contact Info: 140 N. Mitchell Court, Suite 200, Addison, IL 60101-5629, Tel: 800-341-6052.