Volume Mail Addressing Systems

Today, we find the number of companies using high volume mail addressing systems on the rise and for good reason. These new systems allow business owners to customize marketing campaigns, or add personal company logos or graphics on mail. With this, you still get the mail out but you also have the ability to advertise your business all in one. In addition, many of these addressing systems can print in black and white, or color.

Print Barcodes

You will also discover that these high tech systems can print barcodes, which would be a requirement for automation discounts governed by the U.S. Postal Service. Another benefit to using this type of system is the ability to print on just about anything. In other words, you can use high volume addressing systems for standard letter size envelopes, legal envelopes, postcards, flat packages, booklets, tri-fold newsletters, and much more. With this, all of your mailing needs are met with one machine.

These addressing systems also come in models that print all true type fonts. Therefore, if you wanted to send something out that needed a formal font - no problem. Remember, the options vary depending on the addressing system you choose. For instance, if you needed a system that can handle extra volume, then you might consider one capable of addressing 4,400 letter size envelopes per hour. You will have your mailing out in no time, saving your company time and money.

Boost Performace

By using a high volume addressing system for your mail needs, you will enjoy higher productivity and performance. In fact, some systems have a special high output ink dryer, which equates to quality graphics on every envelope. The result is a crisp and professional looking mailer 100% of the time. Obviously, the more professional the mail looks to prospective clients the more impressed they would be. The result is a growth in customer base, increasing the profits and the bottom line.

For serious mailing needs, you could also choose a high volume addressing system capable of printing 14,000 pieces per hour, in your choice of black and white or color. You could also choose a system that comes with an optional power stacker. Regardless of the brand or model of addressing system you choose, you will appreciate having your envelopes printed and labels affixed. Considering that these systems can save your organization as much as 20% each year, you can see why this is such a valuable piece of equipment. Then, if you keep your eyes open, you would likely find some great prices. For instance, in addition to your local office equipment store, check out reputable companies online.