Postage Meter Overview

As a business owner, you understand the importance of making things more convenient, efficient, and affordable. While there are many aspects of running a business, one that we want to address is mail. Obviously, every business has mail going out, many times in large volumes to promote a product or service. Then when you consider outgoing payments to creditors, holiday cards to clients, company brochures, and so on, the overall amount of mail can be substantial.

Over Stamping

Unfortunately, we still see some companies using the old way of postage, which is expensive and time-consuming. To make your company run smoother, you should consider using a postage meter. Although there are a number of styles on the market, most offers a scale so you can determine the exact weight of mail and packages being sent. The greatest advantage in this case is eliminating "over stamping" or guessing the weight and then using too much postage. As you can imagine, "over stamping" wastes company money. In fact, some of the postage meters now on the market can save you as much as 15% or more!


Another huge advantage of using a postage meter is the higher level of productivity. If you have a business whereby one or more people are responsible for receiving and sending out mail, you can make their job far more efficient. For instance, if you wanted, you could purchase a digital postage meter and purchase a bulk of stamps. That way, the person in the mailroom simply weighs the mail and the correct postage is printed or stamped on. In addition to making the mail process better, you are also freeing up time with that individual, meaning he or she could take on additional responsibilities.

Cost Reduction

The one thing that just about every company looks for is a way to cut back costs. With the right type of postage meter for your company's needs, you can do just that. You will be able to monitor mail through special reports that download directly to your computer. This way, you can compare the amount of mail going out to the cost of the stamps being used. With this, you have a way of monitoring your employees for honesty but also, identify if you could do things in a more efficient manner.


When shopping around for a new postage meter, you want to consider brand but also features. For instance, top brands may cost a little more but you also have a better, made product, lasting you a long time and with an excellent guarantee. Features are also an important aspect of buying a postage meter. For instance, if you have larger volumes of mail, then a unit that weighs, sorts, and inserts would be a great consideration. In other words, just consider the amount and type of mail you have going out so you can buy a postage meter that fits.

If you are on a tighter budget, have a small company, or want something simple, you could always choose a standalone system. In this case, you would weigh the mail and then refer to a chart to determine the appropriate amount of postage whereas a digital meter would make the calculations for you.