Digital Scales

Without doubt, digital postal scales have changed the way in which businesses are run. In addition to saving time, these electronic scales are also designed to save up to 15% overage in the price of stamps. The reason is that the old manual scales had a system of mail being weighed and then a reference charge being viewed. Sometimes, due to human error, too much postage would be added to an envelope, wasting the company's money. With a digital scale, the meter does the calculations for you so human error is eliminated.


You will also find that a digital scale will make your mailroom run far more effectively. For instance, if your company has large volumes of mail going out the door on a daily basis, or if you are preparing for a large mailer, then trying to put a stamp on individual envelopes will take a lot of time. However, with a digital scale, you can run the mail through the feeder, allowing the system to weigh, post the correct postage, and even seal the envelopes. Just imagine the time, effort, and cost savings.

Mail Volume

Now, when you begin shopping around for a new digital scale, you want to make sure you consider your type of business and the amount of mail you process. For instance, if your company processes larger packages along with envelopes, then you would need a scale that can print sticking labels as well as printed postage. Although some smaller companies will choose a digital scale, because this type of unit is more expensive than a manual system, you usually see it used in medium to large size companies.

A great recommendation is to take your mailroom supervisor along with you when shopping for a new postage scale. This way, this person can identify the type of scale that would benefit the company most. After all, this person is the one that has a much better understanding of the postage scale needs. You will also appreciate that many of the newer digital scales now on the market can connect to the internet. With this, when there is a rate increase, the information can be downloaded automatically, as well as other pertinent information or updates.

Comparison Shop

Obviously, to save money, you want to do shop around, looking at various models before you narrow your choice down to just one. Remember, a digital scale comes in a variety of sizes and features so it is important to comparison shop. In addition to looking at your local office supply companies, we also recommend you check out some of the online companies that can often save you money. Just make sure you choose a digital scale that meets government standards, check the shipping costs, and always work with an online company that provides a 100% money back guarantee.

More Information

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