Scale Buying Part 2

Continuing our coverage of postage scales for your business, we wanted to address the importance of features, technology, dealing with oversized packages, and more. Obviously, this purchase is vital to the success of your business but if you do not use the right type of scale or have a properly trained employee to operate it, you could be throwing precious money away. Therefore, it is important to take the purchase of a new postage scale seriously.

Mail Type

Remember, you can purchase a basic unit, which is a nice, inexpensive option but it is imperative that you consider the type of mail you have. For instance, if you were running a sports apparel company, shipping out larger packages, then you want a postage scale that can print off labels. Therefore, even if you are on a budget, it might be worth stepping up to a digital scale or one with different read-out and printing options.

Scale Shopping

Take time to shop around since the market now has a much broader selection of scales than ever before. One of the greatest and most convenient advances seen in postage scales is the ability to connect to the internet. With this, any new rate increases could be downloaded, saving you significant time and effort, not the mention the cost of doing this by manually. Then, as mentioned, you want to consider the type of mail you have. Not all postage scales are made equally. For this reason, be sure anything heavy or oversized can be handled by the scale you choose.


Just as with any new piece of office equipment, a postage scale will vary in price. For a small or start-up company, you could choose an inexpensive model for less than $15. However, if you want something that can accommodate greater volume of mail, we recommend you check out digital scales. The price for a digital model would depend largely on the features but in most cases, you would be able to find a quality scale for $75 to $100.

User Logging / Security

Now, one factor associated with the purchase of a postage scale has to do with honest employees. Unfortunately, some companies deal with employees who take advantage of certain situations such as free postage. You can choose a postage scale designed with a password feature to protect your company's money. Finally, an accounting feature can also be beneficial for many business owners. With this, you would be allowed to charge up to 500 clients for postage and miscellaneous handling charges.