Postage Scale Overview

The main purpose of using a postage scale is to increase efficiency when it comes to mailings. With the price of postage going up, estimating has become an expensive habit. Instead, you can measure each item mailed to 100% accuracy, which means a savings between 10% and 15%. Although smaller companies also use postage scales, this type of equipment is extremely beneficial for large corporations or businesses with high volume mailings.

Business Needs

Determining the size of the business and the amount of mail processed will help you determine the right type of postage scale. For instance, you can now purchase a complete system that is designed to weigh the mail, seal it, and apply the postage. Of course, when you get ready to shop for a new postage scale, we strongly recommend you have members of your staff that will work on the system help you. Since these individuals will have the hands-on responsibility, it would make perfect sense for them to get involved with the buying process.

Manual Scales

When talking about postage meters, you have two options to include the manual scale and the digital scale. Just as the name implies, a manual postage scale is one whereby an employee would read the weight of the mail and then choose the appropriate amount of postage accordingly. While this particular system is very accurate, you need to remember that there is the factor of human error involved. Some people have no problem rounding up or down to the closest postage amount but some people may find this difficult.

Digital Scales

The other option is a digital postage scale, which pretty much does everything for you. In this case, you would place the piece of mail to be sent out on the scale and in a second, the digital display shows you the exact amount of postage required. Because the system does the weighing for you, human error is eliminated. The only real downfall to the digital system is price but if you have significant mail going out on a daily basis, the investment would be a wise one.


Finally, as with any piece of office equipment, you will find that postage scales offer a variety of features. Some of these features could be quite helpful while others may be deemed more of a luxury. As an example, when choosing a digital postage scale, it might be worthwhile to choose one capable of connecting directly to the internet. The reason for this is that when new prices go into affect, your scale could be updated in a matter of minutes.

You should also pay attention to the type of mailings you have going out the door. If all you are mailing are letters, then running them through a meter is no big deal. On the other hand, if you handle larger or oversized packages, you would need a postage scale that feeds out adhesive labels. Remember, choosing a postage scale is not only efficiency for the company but also convenience for the employees.