Postage Scale Types

Postage scales are used by companies across the globe to make the process of mailing more efficient. By using a scale, the exact weight of a letter or package can be determined, which cuts back on overpaying. In fact, the savings on postage by using a postage scale can reach upwards to 15%. If you are thinking about adding a postage scale to your business, then you need to understand the different types, as well as pros and cons of each. Remember, you can purchase a manual, standalone system, which is affordable but without all the bells and whistles. However, if you want something a little more high tech, then you could go with a digital system that comes with a meter, feeder, and sealer.


Manual postage scales are great for small companies, home offices, or individuals on a budget. With this option, a spring or balance is used in the design to weigh letters and other types of mail. Keep in mind that a manual postage scale only provides you with the weight. Therefore, to determine the amount of postage needed, you would be required to refer to a charge. Now, this type of postage scale is accurate but there is more room for error since humans are involved in the calculation portion. However, the low cost makes the manual postage scale a popular choice.


Again, you could also go with a digital postage scale, which is a little higher priced but also loaded with more features. For instance, this type of meter, which is also known as an "electronic meter" is designed with a pressure sensing microprocessor. This system is capable of providing you with a clear, easy to read display. You will also find that some digital postage scales are already programmed with rates. All you would need to do is make adjustments for any price increases. Depending on the age of the digital postage scale, the older models are made with chips that also have to be replaced along with the adjustment for a rate increase.

The nice thing about modern digital postage scales is that they can connect to the internet so that new information can be downloaded quickly and easily. As you can imagine, this saves you frustration and time. Because the digital scale has more amenities, it usually costs more than what you would pay for a manual scale, but again, well worth the price, especially for companies that process lots of mail.

Best Fit

Obviously, when it comes time to invest in a new postage scale, you want to choose the type that works best for your business needs. Therefore, look at the design of the scale, making sure the readout display is easy to read and the handling of the machine not overly difficult. It would also be important to look at the amount of mail the scale can handle. Some postage scales are made to process only letter size envelopes but if you also have legal size packages and odd-size packages, then you need a unit that can accommodate. Two other features you may consider includes the accounting ability, which can handle charges for up to 500 different clients, and postage scales with password protection to eliminate unauthorized usage.