Small Business Postage Meters

Running a small business usually means working in the most efficient manner possible. Since smaller businesses often compete with larger, more profitable businesses, these business owners must look for ways of saving money, providing customers with a better product or service, and offering more effective customer service. This means looking at the company and its operations from the ground up to identify means of doing just that.

Cost Savings

Take the postage meter for example. While this might not seem like much of a big deal, it could be. For instance, using the manual style of postage meter, the piece of mail would be weighed and then the cost of the stamp determined by reading a chart. The result is the potential for human error. In fact, most people will put too much postage on an envelope just to be on the safe side. Obviously, this extra cost can add up. With a digital style of postage meter, human error is eliminated, which means an annual savings of as much as 20% off the cost of stamps.

Digital Postage

In addition to the huge cost savings, a digital postage meter also saves tremendous time. Being so convenient is another huge benefit. For instance, with a digital postage meter you can connect to the internet and download postage so you no longer have to make trips to the post office. Then, if you have a business where you keep track of client charges, such as engineering or a law firm, many digital postage meters are designed to store information for as many as 500 accounts. That way, even if your business were small now, you have room to grow.

One Solutions

Most companies look for the one-in-all solution with postage meters, which is an excellent idea. With this, the unit has a built-in scale with calculations done with the quick touch of a button. That way, you get the exact amount of postage 100% of the time. In addition, this type of postage meter can handle letters, legal size envelopes, or even large packages. Other benefits to this type of postage meter include the elimination of annoying rate charts and human error.

In fact, many of these all-in-one postage meters can also imprint your company's logo on the envelope, which is an excellent means of advertising without the high cost. Typically, a smaller company will use between $50 and $100 a month in postage. While you would have an upfront investment in the meter, it would pay for itself in a very short amount of time.


Remember, using the right type of postage meter will save you money, as much as 20%. Then, when you run out of postage, you simply connect to the online website, which is available 24 hours a day, every day, and download more postage. It really is that simple. Whether mailing out letters, packages, or postcards for a direct mailing, a digital postage meter can handle the job efficiently, effectively, and conveniently.