Volume Postage Meters

More and more, we see companies handling direct mailings on their own instead of paying high dollar for a marketing company to do the job for them. With high volume postage meters now on the market, huge mailings are fast and convenient. In fact, doing it yourself with this type of meter actually saves your company money while still getting word out to the public about your products and/or services.


To give you an idea of the new technology available, you will find postage meters capable of processing up to 210 pieces per minute. That means hourly, the meter can handle 12,600 pieces per hour. With this type of volume, you can enjoy getting work done and find you have happier clients and better advertising. Now, in addition to high volume, you might also consider a number of features to make your work more efficient.


For instance, the versatile feeding option is a great feature that is designed to feed and seal your material automatically. In fact, some postage meters can handle material of various thicknesses. Then, you want to look for meters that can accommodate letters, legal size envelopes, larger packages, postcards, and even bulk items. This way, your mailroom can get anything out the door.

Rate Updates

Another option with high volume postage meters is software and rate updates. For instance, instead of having to update with a new postage meter, you can simply update with software or postage rates, simply by logging into the appropriate website and then downloading information. This type of convenience saves you a tremendous amount of time and effort, which means getting the job done, is easier, as well.

Large volume postage meters make processing streamlined. For instance, you could choose a system with a weighing technology that is far more efficient. With this way, you can increase the production for mixed weight packages to include thickness variations too. This means that each piece of mail is calculated properly so the right amount of postage is imprinted. Depending on the features of the unit, the mail might also be folded and inserted in the envelope, which is then sealed.


You will find a number of top brand postage meters that are engineered to last. In other words, while you might pay out good money, the meter is ultimately an investment. You see, many models are now made with fewer moving parts, so there are fewer components to wear down, needing to be replaced. In addition, these newer units are made with convenient touch pads so the process of weighing is much easier. Just imagine having a postage meter that can update, imprint, and be controlled from a single point. With so many flexible options for each company's needs, you will find your high volume mail processed in an effective and efficient way.